Brick Lane Wine Works

Imagine a beautiful, sunny afternoon. You stand outside overlooking a stunning vineyard with grapes bursting with flavor, as you raise a glass of fine wine. It is a scene that you will imagine each time you drink our exceptional wines.

California wine has gained worldwide recognition for many fine wines due to the wealth and variety of soil conditions and micro climates that exist here. Brick Lane Wine Works takes a sampling of the best grapes that California has to offer and produces a wine that is second to none. Once you experience our wines, you too will understand what all the California hype is about.

Come and experience the robust flavors of our Chardonnay or our delicate, but textured, Pinot Noir. The variety of tastes and smells will keep you coming back for more. Come and take a break from the ordinary and raise a glass of our wine over your own personal vineyard no matter where you are.




Brick Lane Wine is produced in beautiful California. Our fine wines include both Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Chardonnay. For inquiries, suggestions or to order please email us at